Stunning look with saree

You can never complete your saree look without jewellery, petticoat, blouse and of course your saree. These four are the important elements of a saree. To get that astonishing Saree look, first of all, get the blouse and petticoat of your fitting. Remember that it should match your saree. A Petticoat is a matching clothing article that is worn underneath your saree. It is in the shape of a skirt which gives a versatile shape to your saree. It should be simple, matching and of your perfect length. Then comes the Blouse. A Blouse is a short cropped top that matches the saree. It covers the upper body of women. A saree can never get completed without a blouse, so either pick up a matching one or contrasting one and add elegance to your saree. Lastly, comes the jewellery. Jewellery is an external part of your outfit but it is very important to enhance your whole look. It works exactly like your makeup. You can both go for a light or a chunky piece, and add more beauty to your look. It also depends on your saree fabric. Don’t forget to mix and match everything in a fine way. We can help you to look your best- Shop your Jewellery, blouse and petticoat from Supriya Collection.